Technology + Creativity = Magic 

Embracing the Science of Art and the Art of Science, the Elstree UTC is a groundbreaking learning environment for students aged 14 to 19. Through a blend of academic rigour, project based learning and industry partnership; Elstree UTC will grow tomorrow’s creative technologists.

The Elstree UTC from The Elstree UTC on Vimeo.

  1. Good afternoon
    I just want to know when you are opening and will your first intake be a child starting in year 10 or a child currently in year 10. Please could you email me any booklets and relevant information

    • Hi

      We opened on the 11th September this year (2013). We currently have students in year 10 and in year 12. We are currently taking applications from students currently in year 9 hoping to start with us in year 10 in Sept 2014. You can find our prospectus here – or click on the link on our home page. The application form can be found here –

      Many thanks for your comment

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