Elstree UTC
Studio Way
WD6 1WD (SatNav) or WD6 5NN (Postal)

Opening Hours:

  • Mon: 8.00am - 5.15pm
  • Tues: 8.00am - 5.15pm
  • Wed: 8.00am - 5.15pm
  • Thurs: 8.00am - 5.15pm
  • Friday: 8.00am - 3.30pm

Please emails us at admin@elstreeutc.co.ukgive us a call on 020 8386 6220 or fill in the following form which will be sent directly to reception:

When you call us, you will first be directed to our automated assistant:

Press 1 to report your child absent
Press 2 to contact Admissions
Press 3 to contact Student Services
Press 4 to contact the Finance Officer

Please hold for further information.
Our receptionist Yvonne will be on hand to answer your queries.

If you know the extension for the office you wish to contact, dial it when you hear our automated assistant.